Join Us in Promoting Better Lives for Colorado Dogs

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We are Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare (3CW), a group of committed dog lovers like you who decided to do something about the unethical treatment of puppy mill breeder dogs, as well as the dogs produced through the puppy mills.

Breeding facilities known as puppy mills exist solely to make money. Many dog lovers do not understand the connection between puppy mills and the sales of dogs at pet stores and on the Internet. That’s why Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare (3CW) focuses on public education. If the public stops buying puppies from pet stores and through the Internet, puppy mills will become a thing of the past.

We are dedicated to the idea that dogs are lifelong companions who deserve love, respect and concern for their health and welfare. We support the efforts of responsible dog breeders , dog-rescue groups, and animal shelters  by serving as a “Find a Dog” resource for people who want to offer a good home to a puppy or adult dog.

Our goal is to see every dog in his or her rightful place in this world—in our home and in our hearts.

We operate with an all-volunteer staff, and 100% of donations is used to support our public education and public policy efforts.

What We Do

Education: Teach, Rally, Media Relations

We educate the dog-buying public, legislators and the media about the conditions at unethical dog breeder operations and their connections to pet stores, Internet puppy sales and “parking lot” puppy sales.

We attend events, hold weekly rallies and maintain a website, Facebook page and email newsletter. We also run media campaigns on buses, bus benches, billboards, and posters.

Research: Playing Detective

We regularly order inspection reports from the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act (PACFA) program under the auspices of the Colorado Department of Agriculture. We review pet store inspection reports to determine and verify the condition of the puppies being sold at the pet stores. We bring anything relevant to the attention of the appropriate agencies

Policy: Support Animal Welfare Laws

We support the efforts of animal welfare organizations that draft legislation that will improve the health and welfare of puppy mill dogs. We communicate to the public, stakeholders, legislators and the media to encourage the passing of these laws.