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Show your love and appreciation for all dogs. Make a monthly or one-time donation to Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare to help us end abusive and unethical puppy mills.

100% OF YOUR DONATION will be used to educate the public and end financial incentives that promote the existence of puppy mills. We believe that someday our best friends will no longer live in or be mass produced in these horrible conditions! We have no paid staff, so all the money donated supports this non-profit organization’s efforts to promote animal welfare.

Colorado Nonprofit Member

Our all-volunteer Board of Directors, along with great support volunteers, attend numerous events all year long to spread our message. We work hard to make the dollars stretch, with many professionals donating their time and talent. Our board members also support 3CW financially. Your donation helps with the cost of:

  • Brochures, flyers and banners
  • Rally packets and rally signs
  • Website
  • Social media outreach
  • Billboards
  • Denver RTD bus ads
  • All Over Media ads
  • An emailed newsletter
  • T Shirts
  • Professional services
  • Operational costs like accounting software, office supplies and insurance.

We have been asked to do church and school presentations and even a radio show. We look forward to expanding our outreach in all these areas!

Donate by Mail

To donate by mail, please make your check out to “3CW”, and send it to the following address:
Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare, Inc.
P.O. Box 202713
Denver, CO 80220

In-Kind Donations

In-Kind donations are important for 3CW. Those can be in the form of professional services or other items we could use. In-kind donations are tax-deductible, in most cases, on the donors’ tax return (contact your tax advisor) and add value to 3CW. It is also a great way to advertise your business!

For in-kind donations, please fill out this form, or call us at (970) 325-3561.


For answers to other questions, see our FAQs about 3CW donations here.