How to Find a Responsible Dog Breeder

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Invest time and effort into finding a responsible dog breeder. Your puppy is a long-term commitment and the time devoted to finding the best breeder will help ensure that you can bring a healthy, well-adjusted pet into your family.

  • Get references for a breeder from your veterinarian, local breed clubs, and professional dog shows.
  • Always visit the breeder’s facility. Visit all areas that their dogs/puppies spend time. Note if it is clean, has ample room, and is in good condition.
  • Does it serve the needs of the animals?  Do you see an exercise or play area?  How are the puppies socialized? How do the puppies’ parents respond to you?
  • Ask the breeder for references from previous clients. Contact them!
  • Look for a breeder who has established strong reliable relationships with local veterinarian(s) and is willing to show you individual records of care.
  • The breeder will interview you as much as you interview them.  If the breeder doesn’t offer a contract that describes their role and yours, beware!

If you visit a breeder, and he or she does not display the signs of a responsible breeder, contact Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare here. We can request an inspection of the breeder’s facility from the State of Colorado. If you aren’t sure you can recognize a puppy mill, find more information about puppy mills here.

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Use the links below for additional information on how to find a responsible breeder and what to look for.

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