A few years ago, my husband and I were out walking our dog Stella when we ran into a couple who were also walking their dogs. While our dogs played, we got to know each other and they spoke about something we had never heard of – “puppy mills.” On the way home, my husband and looked at each other knowing we were thinking the same thing. “Did we get Stella from a “puppy mill?”

After researching the term on the Internet, I discovered that we had. Our sweet dog Stella had just started having health issues and now we knew why.

I pledged to do something to make up for my ignorance and learn how I could educate others about this horrific situation. After reading about the issue online, we called HSUS and they told us about 3CW, a local Colorado group dedicated to telling people like me about puppy mills.

Soon after I showed up at a pet store rally organized by 3CW. I was apprehensive and had never done anything like that before. It was the first political stance I have ever taken… stepping outside of myself, pushing myself to participate in something bigger than me. I found solace and personal growth by not only taking a stand but acting on it. If I can do it; any one can. Go to the page on Rallies and find out how you can join us.